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As the Gurus rightly said You must write code for humans, let’s follow their idea as we consider ourselves as one of the  responsible software developers.

To write such code you need practice, a dedicated number of years of experience and of course “A Guide”. You might practice a lot and add years to your experience but getting a Guru is little tough. You are blessed if you have one.

Guru can not be every where, so they wrote books…

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WEB API: What to learn and where

The buzzing key word in the IT industry is “WEB API” and almost all the leading organization have registered there APIs for the world to use. API is an acronym for Application Programing Interface. WEB API is an interface that defines a request-response message system and expressed by either JSON or XML.  By crafting their APIs these companies target the developer as their customer. So for a developer its essential to learn the APIs and their usability for their respective applications.  WEBAPIs are RESTful in nature and as a developer we must know the rules of making our application restful.

We have masters in the world for WEB APIs, but this article targets absolute new comers to the world of WEB APIS. This is like an index for your WEB API learning and I have tried my best to compile as many resource as possible to strengthen your learning. As you read the article and move along the page your interest might increase to add something else that I have missed, make sure to put a comment if you want to suggest something.

Knowing REST

Defining WEB APIs


Training Videos


WEB API Design

API Documentation

List of APIs

HTTP Status Code / Server Header Response




Further Reading

Point to consider (But make your own choice)

  • At max try to use two base URLs per resource  (GET/Lists, GET/Item)
  • Collection goes better with HTTP verbs.

Finally if you are in Indian and want to develop some apps for Indian Railways , there is a API for this as well Smile surprise!!! , check here :

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MS-OneNote session at SQLBangalore User Group

On 28th of June 2014 I took a session on

Increase productivity using the Microsoft OneNote

The best part was initially most of the audience said they don’t know/have not seen Onenote and after the session most of them agreed to start using the same. After a day we got tweets where in they said they have already started using OneNote.

Get OneNote free for All your notes on all your devices.

Windows Windows Store Windows Phone Mac iPad iPhone Android Amazon Web

Here is the slide share link.

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