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After two of the biggest pause in my life, I started searching for bliss. Yes in search of bliss, I started the journey of my life. I asked every human being I met, I read every book came in my way. I saw every happy human and will try my best to find out the reason behind it. And on a fine day I saw kids playing near my home. They were fighting amongst each other, but every time they fight one of them will stood up and say “Just let go”, and again they will continue the game happily.

Just couple of days back I got this book “3Lives” and the first couple of pages were interesting(but one thing let me tell you in very few occasion only I choose a book on fiction). But any way I continued reading the book. Every page I was reading, I tried to relate this learning with my life; In what all occasion I have found happiness and in what way I have spread it.

Believe me happiness is not something that is always yours, but you have to play the role of a catalyst in getting it and sharing it.

With a great passion and interest I completed the book and was happy and tried all the way to thank the author of such a masterpiece Mr. Srini Chandra. He has shown me the way of happiness. I got it, it’s with me. After really a great interval of time I read such a good book and each of the lives described in the book are searching happiness and are teaching you the way. Srini has chosen the words very carefully so that each word contributes to a line are becoming a world of wisdom.

The struggle of happiness through various lives is making the book more interesting.

Every single page of the book will make you feel happy and will teach you that…..

you are the source of your happiness”.

A few lines of wisdom I collected from the book goes this way. Amongst all the lines I can say this is the best one……

Be content to ask for nothing and willing to give everything.

  • Do we really know the difference between Good & Bad?
  • Is love greater than life itself? If you love her why do you miss her?
  • Accept without conditions …good …or…bad
  • Don’t judge others by their actions.
  • Hatred is too big a burden to carry.
  • The measure of our lives lies indeed not just in what we have chosen to remember and celebrate but also in what we have chosen to forget.
  • You cannot have it all, to have it all, you have to want nothing.
  • A troubled mind has no time for the soul. A mind with no time for the soul is troubled.

So dear friends keep this line in your mind and stay happy.

Everything that arises must pass.

During the time I spent on this book I was listening to the line from the most popular Bollywood number “jindsgi hasne gane ke liye hai pal do pal” by Kishore kumar

“tere girne me bhi teri haar nahi, ke tu aadmi hai avtar nahi “

The book had taught me to search happiness everywhere, and it’s there.

“The spirit of the universe dances to its own tune, it connects everything, so how can I be missed”

One of the best conversation inside the book goes like this….

Vivek: “How would you feel about spending a lifetime with me?”

Jill: “Just one life time? That’s’ easy. I was afraid that you were going to ask for eternity.”

Vivek: “I would have asked for an eternity. But that would mean killing time”.

Be happy and always believe that “Love for God is the greatest of our romances”.

At the end I would like to put this question on to you

Is one life enough for this love? Is sharing what you have is true happiness?

I can remember some Sanskrit lines, my father used to tell me when I was a kid (it may not be properly written in Sanskrit)

Paropkaram phalanti brukhsya, paropkaram bahanti nadya, paropkaram dudhanti gava, paropkaram idam sariram

Let Go….Be Happy Smile

Thank you Srini for such a lovely book and thanks Vinod  & Pinal Dave for the book reference.