Uncle Bob at Hacksummit 2016: Advice for developers


Thank you Pluralsight for giving me an opportunity to attend the HackSummit 2016.


A Virtual Event for Developers Presented by Pluralsight –  (@pluralsight)


The idea behind hacksummit  is

 “All ticket sales go towards an alliance of programming non-profits.”  


The best talk (Fireside chat) that I liked was by   BOB MARTIN (Created the Software Craftsmanship Movement).


@unclebobmartin gave some nice advice for developers at #hacksummit

1) do what you love doing

2) keep learning, no matter what technology comes

3) keep reading books as much as you can

4) 40 hours for employer and 20hours for yourself per week

5) invest a lot of time for yourself

6) learn, practice, exercise

7) learn how to use a calendar, set your goals


Some of the Books recommended by him during the talk which he showed it to the audience were

1) structured programming

2) The art of computer programming

3) Design pattern by Eric Gamma

4) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs(download)

5) Clean Code


“You should as a programmer, make it your goal to go home every day proud of what you did that day and the way you did. Because you did it in a way that was ethical in principle and to the standard. That’s what your life or your career’s goal anyway.” ~ Uncle Bob


The recording of the session goes  here


Thanks for reading, till next “Keep smiling”


cool stuffs from OOPS

1) Do private members of the BASE class are derived by the child class?
Ans: Yes they are derived but are not accessible in child class. Public/Private/Protected are used for achieving access level rights.
2) What are the three things that comes to your mind when you think about OOPS?
Ans: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction/Encapsulation
3) Why C# doesn’t support multiple Inheritance?
Ans: A known problem called “Diamond of Death” will occur if one class will extends multiple classes and the base classes might have derived from a single base class.
But in some other way it seems it is supporting.
i) For example a class can implements multiple Interfaces.
ii) More appropriate example will be an Interface can implement more than one Interface.
4) interfaces do not provide a default implementation
5) What are the ways by which you can make sure that a class can not be inherited by other classes.
Ans: i) make it sealed (C#)
ii) Declare the constructor as private.
6) What are accessor and mutator?
Ans: Accessor and Mutator helps in achieving Encapsulation.An accessor is a method that provide info on object. They are genrally properties which have a get method.On the other side Mutators can modify an object’s state. They are the set method in a properties.

Keep watching this space for some extra innings from OOPS.