Thoughts Shared on Kafka

A developer goes over his favorite resources on Apache Kafka, giving a brief synopsis of each. Hopefully, you’ll find something to add to your library!

This is a collection of interesting articles, best practices, case studies, and some books (on data and logs) I came across while working with Kafka.


  1. Kafka in a Nutshell. Published on September 25, 2015, by Kevin Sookocheff. Kevin’s article is all about Kafka in a nutshell. He says “Kafka is quickly becoming the backbone of many organization’s data pipelines — and with good reason. By using Kafka as a message bus we achieve a high level of parallelism and decoupling between data producers and data consumers, making our architecture more flexible and adaptable to change.” If you have not read about Kafka yet, you must go through it. This is more like an executive summary of the what, where, and why of Kafka.

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