GITHUB : Learn it a different way

gitThe aim of this article is to let you know how and where can you start learning about GIT and GITHUB. Learn the way you like it either visually or reading books or you may go for  an online training video, or reading articles, even you can play games to learn it.


Why do I need a version control system?

For a better explanation check BetterExplained

Just 15 minutes

If you have just 15 minutes you can learn Git from GITHUB Guides

To know a thing is to do it

Take a look at this guided tour  from GitImmersion

Visual and Interactive way to learn GIT

If you like to learn visually check this stuff


How about playing a game which  has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer.  Playing Githug

Online Video training sites

Pluralsight Video
Code School

Read a book

Free Book Download from syncfusion

Pro Git book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub

Time for GIT Internals

peepcode press book by Scott Chacon

How GIT Works


Git hub logo (octocat)

Check some cool github logos at Octodex

F1 : help

If you come across any other resource help others , put it in the comments.

Till next keep smiling.