#2 MS-Office Gyan for the day… (PowerPoint 2013)

In my last post I wrote about the new feature “eye dropper” in PowerPoint 2013, this time I am writing about another features of PowerPoint.


How many of you used a screenshot in your presentation?


So you have used the paintbrush or other such tool to make it more good looking and then copy it to the presentation in your PowerPoint. You might have saved it and inserted it as a picture as well.

How about using any open window’s screen shot on the fly while designing your presentation and without  any help of picture editing tools. Yes no need to take it to the paintbrush and giving it a final touch. Everything is ready for you in PowerPoint itself.



Open the Microsoft PowerPoint and you can start with a blank page or a template of your choice.

Now open the window from which you want to copy a screen shot to your PowerPoint presentation. Navigate to the page or the window and you are done. No copy, no screen capture, nothing. For example I opened my blog in IE i.e. web browser window.



Now lets get back to the PowerPoint presentation and click on Insert menu and take your mouse to the Screen Shot button of the Images area. Just keep it there and read the tooltip.

Take a screenshot!!!!!


Now click the Screenshot button with small camera and a plus image on it. It will display you a list of Available Windows, (the current opened one in your system). Now its time to pick up the one you want to insert as a screen shot. The dialogue box that appears is asking for a hyperlink to the page if it’s a browser window. Choice is yours…just go ahead Smile


Remember my choice !!


…and what you thought … easy right Smile Smile Smile . Just a few steps and we are ready with the screen shot.


Guess what… it opens with an option to edit the image , the picture tools is all set for you. Now edit your picture inside PowerPoint, instead of going to other picture editing tools.

Power point 2013 has more features and options like this and you can learn More From Here & Here.

Till next time “Happy Learning & Sharing” :)