Reliving TechEd India 2012 with Vinod Kumar

bdotnetBitpro1  together are presenting a UG Meet where you will undergo the experience of TECHED2012 again(Two of the great sessions). Also its a chance for those who missed it during TechEdIn. You can have a chance to meet MVPs, UG Leads and community members. Chances to win some cool #goodies and #educational materials.

Reliving TechEd 2012 with Vinod Kumar 1

1. Understanding Windows

with SysInternals Tools


2. Peeling the Onion:

SQL Server Internals Demystified.

 Key-points of discussion

  • Memory is one of the key parameters for having a healthy SQL Server performance.
  • Recovery time is important and not your backup time.
  • Disk, Security, Checkpoint and memory are the key for SQL Server internals.
  • Performance, scalability and more worst how does OS work.
  • Where is my memory gone, why does Windows behave in this way?
  • On performance monitoring and insights into performance tuning.
  • The platform of Windows has many hidden gems, lesser known and lesser understood.
  • Simple tools and identify performance tuning gems.
  • Take your experience on Windows to the next level.

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2012 (10:30am until 1:30pm)

Venue: Microsoft, Krishna Hall, Embassy Building, 3rd Floor, Domlur.

Event Details:

PS: Session is FREE for all.


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