Day 2 (22nd March) @ TECHED India 2012

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This complete day I was just LOL with tech jokes (specially the SQL Premier League) with Nakul Vachhrajani (@nakulv_sql) , Tejas Shah (@tejasnshah), Sudeepta Ganguly (@skganguly) and TEP with @GetExchange. Before the keynotes we roam around with Pinal Dave (@pinaldave) and Vinod Kumar(@vinodk_sql) and took some cool photographs… oops BIG Photographs!!!!!

Today Getting a chance to enter into the room was difficult, forget about the seat and  thanks to the crowd at the Visual Studio 2011 session for that. But I somehow manage to attend one session on VS2011 and couple of sessions on Windows 8. I am going to grab a seat before the show starts tomorrw 🙂 its SQL Day tomorrow.

I met Abhishek Sur (@abhi2434),  Abhijit Jana (@AbhijitJana), Steve Woolley (@stwool) of plural sight near the stalls and event area.

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Let me take you through my learning and experience on this 2nd day of TECHED India 2012.


One thing about the keynote is to expect some big notes on Microsoft or how they love technology. Today the keynote was presented by Amit Chatterjee, Managing Director, Microsoft India Research and Development Pvt Ltd. He took us through all the recent technologies and advancement at Microsoft with some cool demos on Win8. He has spent 23 years in Microsoft and was a key member of the Windows team that shipped Windows 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 and Windows 95. He was recently conferred the IIT Kharagpur Distinguished Alumnus Award 2010. 

Working on an agile team with Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11

The session was about the agile usage and how VS11 fits into the demand also some more stuff on TFS. Praveen Srevastsa narrated the topic so nicely that more than half of the audience fell in love with agile , other with Scrum. This was the magic of the templates in VS11. But he clearly mentioned Agile is a best practice  where as scrum is an implementation. The 10 thing to take away from the session were

1)Define done, 2)Fail Test, 3)Understand your team’s velocity, 4)Finish what you start, 5)Bugs are real bugs, 6)Write unit tests always, 7)Autonomy mastery purpose, 8)Do the right things at the right time, 9)Plan until you need to learn and 10)Quality is not acceptable. This was in fact one of the informative session from process and VS11 point of view I have attended so far.

How and When Metro Style Apps Run

This session was all about windows programming and some topics on discussion was BackgroundTransfer API and the Lock Screen Apps. If you want to know the cooler side of the Win8 developers tool and related things spot & stop guys from Microsoft and speak to them near the stalls. Read More 

Bring your Apps to life with Tile and Notifications

Aditee Rele( @aditeerele) described the Windows.UI.Notification namespace and its usage. She gave demo on Live tile, Square Tile and Wide Tile. There was some Toast notifications , PUSH notifications and also she gave demo on the Request channel URI. Read more


Transforming PC experience


This session was from Intel and they showcased some of their new product like the ULTRABOOK and IA in VS2011. They told us about the sensor based technology and displayed some cool video.


Expecting the TECHED Day 3 to be BIG!!! We want more!!!! Yes a lots of SQL sessions are lined up.


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DAY 1 (21st March) @TECHED INDIA 2012

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I reached at the venue of TECHED at around 8AM with my dear friend Sudeepta Ganguly (@skganguly). I got excited to see so many people over there. We register ourselves and got the TAG (yeah 🙂 ..took some photograph in front of the big poster).

The first person we met was @GetExchange (Sahal Omer from While discussing I saw one of my Guru Jacob Sebastian (@jacobsebastian)SQL Server MVP, Author, Speaker and Trainer from beyondrelational. We had a nice time with Jacob, such a nice person he is. We spent around 30 minutes in discussing about life and technology and that was a really cool discussion. Let me tell you that he has given me a chance to write in Beyondrelational website. During the discussion Nakul Vachhrajani (@nakulv_sql) joined us with Tejas Shah (@tejasnshah).

Just after sometime Pinal Dave (@pinaldave) and Balmukund Lakhani(@blakhani) joined us with Dhananjay Kumar (@debug_mode). These people have there own blogs and they write regularly on MS Technologies. On some jokes we all were laughing out loud and suddenly the announcement was made for attending the keynote session.

Here goes the session detail what I attended today


By Sanket Akerkar and  Bernardo Caldas. They took us through multiple slides and display how Microsoft is passionate towards technology. They told 4000 participants are here and more than a lakh are watching it online. Sanket invited Abhijit Jana (@AbhijitJana) and Jebarson Jebamony and they displayed some glances of home security with Windows Azure meets Kinect.Speaker :

T-SQL Rediscovered with SQL Server 2012

Jacob Sebastian started the technical session and introduced some cool T-SQL functionalities of SQL 2012. some of them are

  • CONCAT() which avoids additional conversion and checks is null automatically.
  • IIF
  • Error Handling
    • THROW
    • For Pagination

    Catapult you data with SQL Server 2012 Integration Service

    Praveen Srivatsa introduced the new Master Data Service(MDS) along with DQS and the CDC. He focused on the Data Cleansing, Expression Table, Tracking Table, VSTA scripting environment.  Check this for more

    Processing Big Data with SQL Server 2012 and Hadoop

    Stephen Forte is a real rock star from Telerik. He gave some rocking performance with the song “I wants to be an engineer” 🙂 . He told Bigdata means Velocity, Volume and Variety. He took us through a full demo session on Hadoop, Bigdata.

SQL Server Misconceptions and Resolution – A Practical Perspective

“Vinod I am going to defeat you. Guys are you with me?????” and Pinal started firing question to Vinod Kumar M (@vinodk_sql). Yes the session was about to know what day to day myths you have on SQL Server and how to avoid it and work smart. They showed some nice demo on SMALLDATETIME, Clustered Index and a lot more. you can read this BLOG  from Dhananjay Kumar. This was a much awaited session and the room was full packed.

Building Metro style apps with XAML: What .NET developers need to know

Rajasekharan Vengalil presented on the WIN RT and Async programming using C#. He gave a nice demo on the above concept and answers few of the queries of audience. to know more

The DEMO EXTRAVAGANJA session initiated by HarishV (@harishv), Vinod Kumar and multiple other people from Microsoft was just super and they gave away nice gifts to the audience. I managed to get a Pen Drive :). The small tips and tricks makes sense.

GO BIG tomorrow and will meet so many other persons also.