SQL SERVER – Win a Book a Day

pinalsmall Learning is an extremely important part of life says Pinal Dave and he started his blog to learn and let others learn from it. He has already blogged 1800 articles and the number is growing every day. An inspiration to many SQL aspirants, Pinal share his thoughts everyday and answers each questions raised on his blogs for SQL. I have attended his sessions in BDOTNET events. The best line that describes pinal is…."Pinal is super cool".

His  Blog has already received 1 Million+ Hits in Month of March 2011, May 2011, Jun 2011.

He has started a QUIZ, in which the best part is you read an article and answer a quiz at the end and win daily prizes.

His blog says:
You just have to take a simple quiz at the end of the each blog post, and we will ship two SQL Books every day to a random winner. QUIZ

Already so many winners. I am going to participate…….Are you???


Also you can find him in Pinal Dave