Bitpro User Group Meeting

Today I got a chance to attend the Bangalore IT Professional User Group Meet (BITPro). The session was excellent and at the same time it was very much informative. The meeting was started with a keynote from @kaliyans, followed by a Powered pack session on PowerShell by @Ravikanth from DELL.

Ravi took the session in a very interactive way with some cool demos. I got to know that after learning Command script development and VBScripting , my next couple of years I can try writing scripts with POWERSHELL. By the way I love scripting and Shell scripting in UNIX is also one of my favorite.

The next session was by @msigeek(Vijayraj from Texas Instrument)  on Cloud computing and Windows Azure. I came to know a real picture on Cloud and Why, when, where and how to use Cloud for the benefit of an organization. As Vijay said may be in the next 10 years Cloud will be the king in IT.

After High Tea Naveen from Microsoft started  Exchange VSS backup session. Though I know very little on this topic, but his tips and tricks and suggestions on backup process was interesting and he ended the session by answering so many questions asked by the audience.

We should be thankful to @kaliyans (from DELL) for introducing us with these techies whose  knowledge sharing is very much helpful to tackle with day to day IT challenges.

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My personal suggestion to all , try to attend the session by @BitPro and @BdotNet. These sessions are really informative and the other way you will get to meet the people and can share your thoughts and clear your doubts.

SQL SERVER – Win a Book a Day

pinalsmall Learning is an extremely important part of life says Pinal Dave and he started his blog to learn and let others learn from it. He has already blogged 1800 articles and the number is growing every day. An inspiration to many SQL aspirants, Pinal share his thoughts everyday and answers each questions raised on his blogs for SQL. I have attended his sessions in BDOTNET events. The best line that describes pinal is…."Pinal is super cool".

His  Blog has already received 1 Million+ Hits in Month of March 2011, May 2011, Jun 2011.

He has started a QUIZ, in which the best part is you read an article and answer a quiz at the end and win daily prizes.

His blog says:
You just have to take a simple quiz at the end of the each blog post, and we will ship two SQL Books every day to a random winner. QUIZ

Already so many winners. I am going to participate…….Are you???


Also you can find him in Pinal Dave

#JustLearned 6: Windows Service with Windows Timer control doesn’t tick

While designing a windows service if you are planning to use a timer control, make sure not use the System.Windows.Forms.Timer. The timer event will not tick. You have to use the System.Timers.Timer , which will work properly. I came to know about this after developing a windows service using the timer control. Also System.Threading might help, though I have not tried this.

private static System.Timers.Timer tmr;

public AlertService()
tmr = new System.Timers.Timer(30* 60000);

protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
//Attach the elaspsed event of the timer
//Set the interval of timer to 30 minute and enable the timer.

tmr.Elapsed += new System.Timers.ElapsedEventHandler(tmr_Elapsed);
tmr.Interval = 30* 60000;
tmr.Enabled = true;
catch (Exception eg)
//your log