My List of Useful Websites

As a professional software developer, I have come across many websites which I use in,

1) Getting the code snippet

2) Getting help while debugging my code

3) Fixing some really critical issues

4) How to perform testing

5) How to increase performance even

6) How to write mails and

7) How to communicate and present and a lot more.

Over the years I have found that these websites are quite helpful in increasing my productivity and gaining a better understanding of the subject I am currently working upon. The list of such websites has grown over time and I find them quite indispensable. Even though they are my personal choice only, I feel that the list will be very usable for other developers too.

We have for almost every situation (at least until something better comes up and., and for Microsoft Technology. I have categorised the websites into various groups to help you locate a specific website as per requirement.




This article elaborates the concept of oops and believe me this is one of the best article I have ever read in the topic of OOPs. This one is neatly described by Nirosh in codeproject, with clear pictorial representation and some real life examples.

Project Management

Coding Standards/Best Practice


Sql Server



C# /.Net Blogs

Windows Programming


SQL Server

Visual Studio


Testing Blogs

Interview Questions


Tips & Tricks


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Presentation Skill/ Public Speaking

Public Speaking

This article shows you the way and put emphasis on the different points that is required by a public speaker. Article like this can flow from the pen of a genius public speaker, and yes Vinod Kumar is the one. I have personally attended many of his presentations and you have to trust me when I say “He is the guide you are searching for”. Also visit his blog and you will get plenty of articles on SQL SERVER and presentation skills.

Presentation Skills

Blogs Writing

Cheat Sheet


Please add your choice and let it grow. I will be waiting for your suggestion and feedback on this. Till next time “Challenge you limits”.

Manas Ranjan Dash