Today I attended the BDOTNET UG meeting at MICROSOFT Microsoft Signature Building – Atrium, EGL, Koramangala ring road, Near Domlur, old airport road, Bangalore.Since long time am a member of the group and love to attain each session. You will come to know about new technology, lovely tips , amazing tricks, you will get a chance to meet the PERFECTIONIST of MS Technologies. I want to share some point what we learned from @Vinodk_sql and @msigeek Vijay raj in today’s session.

Myth Buster in SQL
1) Check constraint is a perfromance booster.
2) When you are using nested transaction, Once you rollback the main transaction everything will be rolled back(even if you have committed the inner one).
3) The sequence how triggers fires is : i) Action ii)Trigger iii)Rollback
4) Though we are using clustered index, still physical and logical order of placing data is different.
5) Truncate statment also keeps log, not delete only.(Common Interview question)
6) Got to know that SQL Server also believes in GHOST. The records marked for deletion are cleared up by Ghost Cleanup.

For more details you have to visit Vinod’s blog or

@msigeek Vijay raj displayed the way Microsoft Installer can be used and how it helps in packaging and easy install. He showed us the microsoft client profile configuration designer and gave us nice tips and tricks.
It was really a informative session and believe me once you join us in these session only you will come to know that you can think more on what you are doing and can find out easiest way to do it.

So friends join BDOTNET and be a member today , register yourself for the SMS facility and get invitation on your mobile