Happy Friendship Day

“The best mirror is an old friend.”

George Herbert

I still remember the following things….

1) A small cycle where 3 friends used to seat and to go for a long ride……till Panchayat college.
2) “Bagichare phoola toliba mana” ..the sign which we placed with friends in school garden.
3) One of my friend purchased two books, one for him and for other friend who was not able to get it.
4) Equal division of tiffin box at high school.
5) All started crying during the final days of Graduations.
6) The evening meeting after our Head Master Tulsiram Pradhan got “Rastrapati Puraskar”.
7) The CD ROM, MD ROM and RD ROM.
8) Injection and madam with white sarees…Scaring some one very much.
9) Shanti Sabdhan Prarthana Aarambha.
10) We played sambalpuri music while playing the parade drums and were punished for that.
11) 3 idiots seating on the top of “College Pahad” and planning seriously about life.
12) 5 star cricket team…wake up at 5 and be the alaram for other 10.
13) Cried a lot after watching the movie “Dil Chahata Hai”.
14) Always missing my MCA days.
15) The count goes on…….