Think like a KID even you are grownup

Two incidents of my life (On the same day)

I was eagerly waiting for the BBSR-BloreCity train  as one of my friend was coming in that. After waiting for arround 15 mintues , I heard somebody was crying. It was this lady who was just standing near to me and her son (10 yrs old)was also there. I took interest and came to know that the kid was going to a boarding school and her mother was going to miss him. But to my surprise I also noticed that the kid was consoling her by telling “Mamma don’t worry, I will be ok there…I will take my food on time…I will concentrate on my studies..You just take care of Daddy!!!!!.

Then suddenly an announcement was made “BBSR – Blore train is arrving on the platform no 4”. So without spending a little time I ran away from there and came to paltform no 4(I was there in the platform 1). Even there I waited for arround 10 mintutes. Suddenly the same story was repeated!!!. I felt  somebody  was crying!!! But this time it was a gentle man (arround 28-30) who was there to catch his train to somewhere outside. But to my surprise, his mother was telling him…”Don’t cry….You are grown up now…You can take care of yourself…Eat well…Try to concentrate on job!!!!!!

I was confused as these two incidents forced me to think about a question “Whether to always think like that  kid …..even if you are grown up?

Any way within next 5 minutes my friend came and we came back to our room and discussed the incidence but were still confused and missed our childhood days(discussed the childhood stories for more than 7 hrs…till 3.40am)

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