Happy Mothers’ Day

“What if i will not get a job?” I asked..

“don’t worry..we know you have skills to achieve it, but still if you have a doubt, come back to Bargarh and start your business, start believing yourself. Stay cool” my mother told me.

This statement is about 7 years old, but still it keep boosting me to be confident enough to face the so called struggle of this fast moving world. That day I was bit frustrated and I rightly remember that I called my mother and told the above things. To my surprise she was so cool and replied very softly. That day I realised and started believing myself.

We know ourselves very less as compared to our Mother.

I have seen many ups and downs in life. Though my Mother is not arround me, I can feel her grace and presence in all my activites. I will try to be cool what ever the circumstances may be.

Happy Mothers Day and my regards towards the true spirit of motherhood………..