Thoughts Shared on Kafka

A developer goes over his favorite resources on Apache Kafka, giving a brief synopsis of each. Hopefully, you’ll find something to add to your library!

This is a collection of interesting articles, best practices, case studies, and some books (on data and logs) I came across while working with Kafka.


  1. Kafka in a Nutshell. Published on September 25, 2015, by Kevin Sookocheff. Kevin’s article is all about Kafka in a nutshell. He says “Kafka is quickly becoming the backbone of many organization’s data pipelines — and with good reason. By using Kafka as a message bus we achieve a high level of parallelism and decoupling between data producers and data consumers, making our architecture more flexible and adaptable to change.” If you have not read about Kafka yet, you must go through it. This is more like an executive summary of the what, where, and why of Kafka.

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Happy New Year

What I learnt from the book: The Power of your subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he. ~ Dr Joseph Murphy

These are just my learning, please read the book and collect your leanings as well.

Initially, when I started this book and went through a few chapters, I thought it was just another book. But the more I went deeper and covered other chapters, I realized this is a life-changing book and has more advice on how to do better in life with positive attitude.

The book is all about how you train your subconscious mind and be positive in all situations so that the entire universe will help you to meet your goals.

Some of the great points I collected from the books are :

  1. Look within for the answer to your heart’s desire.
  2. You have the capacity to choose. Choose LIFE! Choose LOVE! Choose HEALTH!
  3. Think good and good follows.
  4. Motion and emotion must balance.
  5. You will get results for your prayers.
  6. Your desire is your prayer. Ask and it shall be given you.
  7. The basis of all healing is a change of belief.
  8. Imagination is your most powerful faculty.
  9. When trying to steal from others, you rob yourself of peace, harmony, faith, honesty, integrity, goodwill and confidence.
  11. The real things in life are intangible.
  12. Your desire must benefit humanity, you should not be selfish.
  13. What you are seeking is also seeking you
  14. There is no one to change but yourself.
  15. Thought, emotion, reaction, and action all take place in your own mind.
  16. The true meaning of forgiveness is to forgive yourself.
  17. Do the things you are afraid to do.
  18. You are as valuable as you think you are.
  19. You can not see life, but you know you are alive.
  20. The harmony of the part is the harmony of the whole; for the whole is in the part and the part is in the whole.

What you are seeking is also seeking you. ~ Dr. Joseph Murphy

Thank you for your time. Happy New Year 2018.

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Keep reading. Keep leading

GITHUB : Learn it a different way

gitThe aim of this article is to let you know how and where can you start learning about GIT and GITHUB. Learn the way you like it either visually or reading books or you may go for  an online training video, or reading articles, even you can play games to learn it.


Why do I need a version control system?

For a better explanation check BetterExplained

Just 15 minutes

If you have just 15 minutes you can learn Git from GITHUB Guides

To know a thing is to do it

Take a look at this guided tour  from GitImmersion

Visual and Interactive way to learn GIT

If you like to learn visually check this stuff


How about playing a game which  has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer.  Playing Githug

Online Video training sites

Pluralsight Video
Code School

Read a book

Free Book Download from syncfusion

Pro Git book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub

Time for GIT Internals

peepcode press book by Scott Chacon

How GIT Works


Git hub logo (octocat)

Check some cool github logos at Octodex

F1 : help

If you come across any other resource help others , put it in the comments.

Till next keep smiling.

Books For Software Developers

As the Gurus rightly said You must write code for humans, let’s follow their idea as we consider ourselves as one of the  responsible software developers.

To write such code you need practice, a dedicated number of years of experience and of course “A Guide”. You might practice a lot and add years to your experience but getting a Guru is little tough. You are blessed if you have one.

Guru can not be every where, so they wrote books…

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Uncle Bob at Hacksummit 2016: Advice for developers


Thank you Pluralsight for giving me an opportunity to attend the HackSummit 2016.


A Virtual Event for Developers Presented by Pluralsight –  (@pluralsight)


The idea behind hacksummit  is

 “All ticket sales go towards an alliance of programming non-profits.”  


The best talk (Fireside chat) that I liked was by   BOB MARTIN (Created the Software Craftsmanship Movement).


@unclebobmartin gave some nice advice for developers at #hacksummit

1) do what you love doing

2) keep learning, no matter what technology comes

3) keep reading books as much as you can

4) 40 hours for employer and 20hours for yourself per week

5) invest a lot of time for yourself

6) learn, practice, exercise

7) learn how to use a calendar, set your goals


Some of the Books recommended by him during the talk which he showed it to the audience were

1) structured programming

2) The art of computer programming

3) Design pattern by Eric Gamma

4) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs(download)

5) Clean Code


“You should as a programmer, make it your goal to go home every day proud of what you did that day and the way you did. Because you did it in a way that was ethical in principle and to the standard. That’s what your life or your career’s goal anyway.” ~ Uncle Bob


The recording of the session goes  here


Thanks for reading, till next “Keep smiling”


MS-OneNote: 10 cool features to explore

imagesWheather you are a regular user of Microsoft OneNote or you have never used it and you want to start using, then the below 10 features (of my choice) might be helpful for you.  Just  have a look and if you know more features share the same. Let’s share our thoughts on OneNote here.

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